Generation nowadays 

As I type, I cannot help but wonder about our world.  Lately, I’ve begun to notice that the more people I randomly meet either on purpose or on accident are easily offended.  Well, sometimes they could be rude.  When that happens, I often find myself asking, “Where’s the respect?  Where’s the good manners?  Where’s the chivalry?”

I cannot help but feel sad for our future generations.  I grew up with respect, love, manners, and chivalry even.  Our future generations will not know what it was like growing up in 1980s or 1990s.  I always tell my son, “you will not be on Xbox 24/7 like some children I’ve met.”  He leads a good active life.  He plays sports and plays outside if the weather is nice.  I only allow few hours on Xbox.

I just wonder if people are aware on how children are even behaving these days??  Maybe it’s just me.  I’m curious if anyone has any issues with children out in public?