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Harley’s Birthday Party…..

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Hey all! Here is the update on Harley’s birthday party…. 🙂
Wow! Playstation is one cool place to be for children! Harley was rarely seen, playing hard and enjoyed every single minute of it. My best friend,Stephanie, and her fiance, Frank, were so awesome! They gave all of their tickets to Harley instead of for themselves. How sweet is that?! I am lucky to have one awesome best friend! 🙂 Harley loves her. My mom, Bill, my children, Stephanie, Frank and their kids had good time! There was pizza, which was good, cake time, present time and play time! Children were sweating alot and I just know they will sleep good tonight. I just am grateful that Harley had a good time!!!
Love you my sweet baby boy….
Thank you for listening to my ramblings about my son’s birthday party.

Writing…. Birthday Party

As I am patiently waiting for the time to go to my son’s birthday party, I am working some more on my writing. I think I am nearly halfway to being done. Of course, I would need to find someone to edit and proofread for me. However, I am excited that I am nearly done! I have worked hard on this and so far, I have had no writer’s block with 3 of my books. Only one book is half way done and other 2 isn’t nearly done… lots of work to do.
I had thought about using a pen name for my romance books, but I decided why? Why should I? If people don’t like what I have written or thinks it’s too sexual or whatever, then that is their opinion. Right? Shoot, Lori Foster, E L James and few others have written erotic romance books and pushed the limit. So why shouldn’t I?
This afternoon we will be celebrating my son’s birthday which was on Wednesday with family and friends. I hope he has fun! Hard to believe that he is 7 years old! He had asked me why we weren’t celebrating his birthday on Wednesday and I told him it was because it was a school night. So he is excited to have fun today. It is a pretty day out. In it’s 64 degrees with sun and slight breeze…. oh, yeah, it is totally Spring! I could not take any more of the cold! I will let you know how the party went later! 🙂
Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!!

Writing…..still :)

Okay so far I have one book up to 70 pages, another in about 20 pages and another in about 15 pages…. so I would think I am on a roll! I just have too many ideas and I have to say that after I read Fifty Shades of Grey, I began to realize that there is nothing wrong with pushing your limits. I read one of Lori Foster’s book which was very steamy!!! As well as Janelle Denison’s books…. Hmm, yes, nothing wrong with pushing our limits to see how far we can go in writing. So, I have therefore decided to write at least one erotic romance book and I hope I do a damn good job at it!
I really have to thank E L James, Lori Foster and Janelle Denison for making me realize that you can write anything you want to. Whether it be steamy or tame…. Thanks I love you guys!
I hope to have my books done within few months! Cross your fingers for me 🙂
Thanks for ‘listening’ to my ramblings once again.
Toni Ann ~aka Noni~

Fifty Shades Trilogy

So, I finally give in and read the Fifty Shades trilogy books. I must admit that it is totally unexpected. I thought it was going to be like any of those regular romance books. It’s not. It had romance, sure, but it also had bondage sex included. I have heard of bondage, but never really thought about it. Now, I am surprised because the author really took further in romance books to have erotic romance and sex. I admit I liked the books. I bought the books! It makes me wonder if I would ever be able to write something so erotic as E L James or Lori Foster? I would love to write an erotic romance book, but would I be able to write it like E L James or Lori Foster?
Now, I would love to hear from everyone as to their opinions about the books of Fifty Shades. Thanks!!