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Chapter One

A woman pacing the floor of the hospital keeps glancing at the swinging doors waiting for the doctor to emerge. She got distracted by the tall man at the reception because he looks like Ben. When the man turned, she could tell it isn’t Ben. She wanted to scream because she is worried about Ben. She had something to tell him and wanted to lay with him to comfort him. The tall man walked towards to the waiting room plastic chairs. The chairs were uncomfortable because there were no cushions. As he sat down, she realized he had a similar looks to Ben. She strides to him with a determination. Standing in front of him, she pasted a smile and said, “Hello.”
He glanced up and said, “Hi.”
She looked into his beautiful brown eyes. “I was wondering if you are related to Ben?”
You would have thought she had electrocuted him by the way he jerked. He frowned and said, “Yes, that is my brother. Who are you?”
“I am Novalynne. Ben is my boyfriend and I have not heard anything from doctor. I just noticed you and thought you looked like Ben. Have you heard anything?” Novalynne asked. She began to realize that his face became a stony look.
“You can not be his girlfriend.” He began but he got distracted. She glanced in the way he had looked. It was the doctor.
“Mr. Mark Madison, your brother is resting comfortably and he is asking for Novalynne?” the doctor told Mark.
Mark glanced to Novalynne and told doctor, “That would be her.”
The doctor looked at her and smiled, “Novalynne?”
Novalynne straightened and nodded. He indicated for her to walk with him. She turned her head to look at Ben’s brother and saw that he didn’t look happy. Walking down the long white corridor that would take her to Ben seemed to go on forever. She began to fidget a little bit, nervous about how Ben would take her news. The doctor stopped in front of the brown wooden door and pointed to the room. She entered and saw Ben laid up on the hospital bed.
“Ben! What happened?” Novalynne fussed over Ben.
“Novalynne, calm down. I was just in an accident. I had hoped you were here.” Ben smiled at Novalynne. Ben is a tall man, but laying in the bed he seemed to shrink. Gazing at Ben’s handsome face, Novalynne smiled.
“Ben, I have news to tell you.” Novalynne anxiously told him.
Ben slightly turned his head a bit and said, “What news?”
Novalynne smiled and replied, “I’m pregnant! We are going to have a baby.” The reaction from Ben is so unexpected that she didn’t know what to think. He had paled and looked like he was going to faint.
He pressed a button on the remote and said, “Can you send in my brother when he comes in?”
“He’s here. I will send him in.” the nurse replied.
Novalynne began to get confused. Why would Ben be asking for his brother after she told him she is pregnant. Feeling a slight breeze, she turned her head where the breeze was coming from and saw Mark entering. Looking back at Ben with confusion on her face and saw that Ben smiled at Mark.
“Mark! I am so glad you are here!” Ben boomed out.
“Likewise, but I have a question. Who is Novalynne? She said she is your girlfriend?” Mark got to the point.
Ben paled and gulped. “Um, yes, she is my girlfriend. Actually, I sort of have a favor to ask you?”
Mark literally looked like he was going to rip Ben apart and seemed to growl out, “What?”
“Novalynne just told me she’s pregnant and, well, it’s not a good news for me. My wife won’t be happy to know that I got someone knocked up.” Ben told Mark.
Novalynne paled at the word wife. Novalynne began to gasp and grabbed the rails. “Wife?” she whispered.
Mark looked at her with concern. She looked like she was going to faint. He wanted to throttle his brother for cheating on his wife. He had noticed that Novalynne had an odd accent to her throat. “No shit. I know Erica won’t be happy that you got someone knocked up and that you cheated on her!” Novalynne didn’t seem to respond to his statement.
“Mark, I sort of want to run something by you.” Ben calmly replied. Ben looked at Novalynne and saw that she is looking at him. He smiled at her.
Novaylnne looked at Ben and wanted to recoil from his smile. She has never felt so betrayed by the man who she thought loved her. What Ben said next nearly got her running to the bathroom. “Mark, I want you to marry her.”
Mark straightened up, quickly glanced at Novalynne and saw that she is at danger of fainting. He is confused. Why does his brother want him to marry his mistress? “What? Why should I marry your mistress?”
“It’s for name only. I do not want you to touch her and I want the baby to have our last name. I only feel like its fair to the baby.” Ben arrogantly said.
Novalynne began to gasp and then next thing she knew she saw only black.
“Novalynne!” Mark said to her as she fainted.
Ben groaned and knew that everyone’s lives are going to be changing. He began to wonder if Mark knew that Novalynne is deaf. She is a skilled lip-reader and knew how to speak. Anyone would think she is hearing and that she is from some country with that odd accent. He debated whether he should tell his brother that she is deaf. He realized that Novalynne isn’t wearing her cochlear implant and wondered why.
Patting Novaylnne’s cheeks to get her to wake up, Mark gazed at her and realized she is a striking beauty. She had a strawberry blonde cinched up in a claw with high cheekbones and half full lips. As Novaylnne’s eyes began to flutter open, Mark was struck at how deep of a grey-blue it is. “Are you okay?” he quietly asked.
Novalynne realized she was in Mark’s arms, began to scramble out of his arms and glared at Ben before leaving them behind. Novalynne ran as soon as she left the hospital. He had the urge to follow her to make sure she was okay.
Mark looked at his brother and said, “So, you want me to marry your mistress. Why?”
Ben shrugged. “I want her in the family and I want the baby to have our name. Nothing to it. It will be in name only.”
Anyone looking at Ben and Mark can tell they are brothers, but their personality are different. Ben likes to play the field and Mark is only faithful to one thing at a time. Ben is an obnoxious man and Mark is not. Mark is a construction worker and Ben is a lawyer. Both men are tall with dark brown hair. Ben has green eyes and Mark has brown eyes. Mark is two years older than Ben.
“I will think about it, Ben. What is her last name?” Mark asked.
“Novalynne’s last name is Marez. Why?” Ben asked his brother.
“Am curious.” is all he replied.
“Has anyone told Erica about me being in hospital?” Ben casually asked.
“Hmm, finally you ask about your wife. I thought doctor calls your wife? I will call her.” Mark replied and withdrew the phone. He waved at his brother and went out of the hospital to make a call.

As Novalynne laid on her queen bed that night, she was rewinding back to how the day had unfolded. She had cried for hours and is feeling a pressure of headache behind her eyes. She felt like she should have realized that he wasn’t free. She thought about every time he stayed the half night with her, that he wanted to go home to change clothes and get ready for work, but it was to be with his wife. She had thrown all the pictures of Ben in to the garbage. She has never felt so betrayed by Ben. She thought it was awful that her own parents betrayed her, but to be dating a married man? When she came home one night from school, she had a note from her parents saying that they were not coming back. She was so upset that she called her mother through a video relay and found out why they weren’t coming back. They were tired of taking care of a deaf child. She was only fifteen. She swore she would never let anyone hurt her or do anything wrong.
Swearing, she got up and walked into living room. Her gray cat is perched on her beige loveseat armrest. Scratching her cat, Bella, behind the ears, she plopped down on the loveseat and knew she had to figure out what she had to do. She knew she is keeping the baby no matter what. She figures if she keeps on saving her money as she has for years, then she just might be able to afford to take time off before baby’s born. She works as a photographer.

Mark sat in his study on the phone with a private investigator. “So, Nick, what have you found out about Ms. Marez?”
“Well, she is a respected woman. She works as a photographer and lives on her own. She is only twenty-three years old. Never been married. Moved down here from the north. She moved here like three years ago and managed to survive. When she first came here, she was living in one bedroom apartment and struggled to find a job. She managed to find a job as a photographer and has long since moved to a bigger place. Nothing out of place about her.” Nick told him. Mark never asked for her younger years, just the recent years of living here.
Sighing, Mark replied, “Okay, Nick, thanks.” They said their goodbyes and hung up the phone. Mark leaned back in his office chair and pondered about Ben’s request. Is he really going to consider it? Mark just felt protective towards to a woman he does not even know. He saw pain and sadness in her eyes when she opened her eyes. He does not abide it when someone sleeps with a married person, but for some reason, he felt that Novalynne truly did not know his brother was married. He saw how she reacted when he had mentioned about his wife. Muttering a curse, he knew what he is going to do, but he has a feeling she won’t agree. He knew there would be some conditions and his brother won’t like them at all. He does not want his brother around Novalynne for long while because he is going to be damned if he lets Ben carry on with his wife. Shaking his head, he remembered feeling shock when Ben told him it would be in name only and that Mark could not touch her. Who does his brother think he is? With a plan forming in his mind, he rose from his office. His office is more like a library den. Books full in the bookshelves and desk in a corner with computer sitting on it. He has a loveseat on one side of the wall facing the bay window. Mark lives on a hill overlooking the sea.

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