Outrageous cost of Food

This is probably something we all have heard, but never really put it into blogs or newspaper. However, I am going to write about this farce of healthy foods and unhealthy food!

Why is it okay for McDonald or any other places to sell salad that costs more than a cheeseburger? I think it’s outrageous. How can we eat healthy? How can we stay healthy? Everywhere we look, everywhere we go, and even everywhere we smell, there’s unhealthy food tempting us! We should make cheeseburger more costly than salad is in those fast foods. Everyone complains about how we are not losing weight and yet eats those Value Meals from fast food instead of choosing healthier foods.
Are you aware that fast foods have GMO, not all organic? When you go grocery shop, there are several foods that are not all organic either. There are alot of GMO foods. It is ridiculous how we have to pay extra for all organic food than those GMO foods. We need labels on every single thing. Yet, government says we don’t have to label foods with GMO. Where is our healthy world?? Is it any wonder why the world is going down the drain? Jacking up prices on healthy foods and jacking our foods with unhealthy GMOs.

I shall say that we NEED to do something, instead of complaining about it! I want to hear what everyone has to say!! Please leave a comment!