easter basket

Hello everyone! First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! 🙂
My son and I went to this school’s Easter with my best friend and her family. We had good time. Our children played some games, did some crafts and hunted some Easter eggs. Before we left the school, my son won his own Easter basket! He was so excited because he won something. 🙂 I love seeing excited faces, especially my own child’s!
I hope Harley will be happy with what Easter Bunny got him for Easter tomorrow. We will be heading back home tomorrow since Spring Break will be just about over. We had a good week at my best friend’s for our small vacation.
Stay warm, drive safe and have a wonderful weekend!!



I am so proud of my little boy! He is soaking up new words and so quick to remember how to spell a word after seeing a commercial. He would spell it out to me and ask me what it means. Its also kind of sad for me because it also means he is now moving into learning phase and not need me as babies do. Do you know what I mean? I used to hold him, cuddle with him and just be needed by him. Now that he is turning 7, he is not needing me so much. He can feed himself, make his own snacks, and learning new things. Its amazing how time flies!!! It seems like he was born just a week ago only to see that it has been 7 years! Where is the time going?! I sure miss having a baby in my arms and my son does let me cuddle with him once in while. Like he would watch tv with his mama, but other than that…. awwww….. Hope you all treasure your precious moments with your babies!!! 🙂


I have been working on my book, but it can be so frustrating! My ideas would flow freely then the next it would stop and give me a writers block! Ugh, hate that! Wish my mind would stop giving me writers block (it can be an hour or two weeks or so) and just let me finish my book. I wish I knew how to edit and such by myself, but I don’t. Too bad I don’t have the vampire speed to finish working on my book in one day! (funny right?)
Ah, sorry… I know its just some random blathering about random things, but hey gotta write about anything that is on my mind? Right? Well working on my book is on my mind! 🙂

Going crazy?

When your children have their friends over, do your children ever go a little wild? Or do they behave like normally do? My son quits listening as soon as the friends come over. There are times when I feel like screaming because no one listens. Do you ever feel like you are going crazy when kids go nuts???? Oh I sincerely hope I am not the only one!!!!