Employment and Relationships

So, I started my job as a Housekeeper at a Hotel…. It has been over a year and half since I worked. It is sooo nice to be working again. It may not be Dietary Aide, but at least it is a job I am working. 🙂 It is not so bad. Just basically cleaning rooms and stripping beds. Simple enough right? Only there is certain ways of doing these rooms. 🙂 At least with me working, I will be earning some money where I can buy things. Oh, yeah!! Can not wait.
Relationships: OMG, I am having hard time having a relationship with any guy! Seriously, I feel like I have leper or something. Not funny. It’s been too long, but I, at times, don’t mind being single, yet don’t want to be single! Am I ever going to find some love? Or a guy that would accept me for who I am? Support my dreams? Hmm, I wonder! Isn’t there anyone out there? I liked a guy, but didn’t work out. Is there even any chance?? I have no clue whatsover.