Terminator Genysis

I seen the movie last night. I thought it was cool. I’ve seen all the Terminator movies. Only thing I am stumped on about this current movie is how it’s all set up. How do I explain?

Okay. We all know about John and Sarah Connor from all other movies. However, in this movie, we come to find out about Kyle Reese. What I am stumped on is this: Kyle Reese went into the past to save Sarah Connor, only to find out that he is Sarah’s lover and John’s father. HOW?! He is from the future, Sarah is from the past and yet, he is the father to John?! That is what I am truly stumped on! Can anyone help me out here? Please? I would like it if someone could clarify it up for me.

Much appreciated! Thank you! I do give it a about 4 stars rating though, even with that confusion.