Letter to Grandma

Hello! It’s been awhile since I have written a blog and I apologize. I’ve been busy!

This blog is basically a letter to my grandma who is currently losing her battle to cancer. I know she won’t read this, but I just want to get this off of my chest.

Dear Grandma,
I know that we don’t have the best relationship and that I wasn’t easy for anyone to know. I do have good memories of you. I do remember you playing games with us on holidays and just mingling with us Whitmore clans. This past week, I have thought about you and about you struggling with your battle. I know you are ready to go and be with Grandpa. I totally understand that. I know Grandpa will be waiting for you with his arms wide open.
I hope you do know just how much I love you. I know it may seem like I don’t, but I do. Very much. Even if we aren’t extremely close like you are with Dad, Aunt Mary or Amy. I guess part of it is my fault. For living 8 hours away. I’m just glad that I have memories to hold me.
I understand that it is not easy leaving your family members when you are losing battle, but when it is the time, then it is time. We all will grieve for you, just as we grieved for Grandpa, and continue on with our lives. We all have a spot in our brain and heart that will hold memories of our loved ones who passed away. You will be there forever until I die.
I guess what I am trying to say is this: I love you, Grandma.
Love Always,
Toni Ann